CD Custom Build Update #3

CD Body New PG


The body is fully routed, drilled, filled, and sanded. I then put what I call a dirty stain on the guitar, wait till dry and then sand it all off. This is a common practice among builders who use figured tops and really makes the grain pop especially when under lacquer. I also wiped a light coat of Watco Danish oil on. It gives the wood certain warmth to my eye and always does well under nitro. Chuck and I have decided on this design for the pickguard and I found an awesome piece of Cal walnut for it. It’s finished in multiple coats of Tung Oil. I am also going to make the usual black single ply plastic for it . The neck is prepped, slotted and dotted and ready for carving. This is a great piece of quarter sawn Maple and with a two way- welded truss rod will be extremely stiff and stable. Just what we will need to get the action down to where Chuck plays at . 010 at the 1st fret Next steps will be neck carving and finishing. I will post pictures of the neck in its various stages or carving.

cd neck

Stay tuned