CD Custom Update #2

We have made quite a bit of progress on the CD Custom model and Chuck and I are collaborating on a daily basis concerning the build. The original idea was to reproduce his 1966 Telecaster that had been altered by the previous owner whose intentions may have been better than his woodworking skills.

After much discussion, Chuck and I have decided to try and keep the spirit of the original and add some modern touches and fixes that will appeal to players. The original has unique beveling along the sides none of which are consistent or uniform . In some places the side has been beveled down to almost ¾ of an inch. Instead of haphazardly hacking away at the body, I decided to do an extreme round over on the guitar to create a uniform contour around the edge but still give the body the comfort afforded by the irregular bevel and sloping.

CD body

We also decided when examining the back bevels on the original that the intended purpose was to create a belly cut and so I went ahead and carved a slight one into the back. If you look closely the edges are rounded over and slightly beveled and then square up some as they approach the back. This allowed us to put the jack in the side instead of on the front like the original. I cut my teeth on 335’s and can attest to the inconvenience and hassle of front jacks. Chuck and I thought it just made sense to put it where you would expect it and get it out of the way.

CD back

The pickguard was another matter and we are experimenting with designs . This one has the spirit of the original but I want to try some different takes as well.pickguard CD


Additionally I have made the templates for the shape of the back of the neck. This will be the most critical element of the build and. I will be spending a lot of time making sure the neck is as close to the original shape as possible.

Neck Template




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