RepairGuitar Repair has been the greatest teacher any builder could have. I have learned more from doing repairs than all the building workshops, books and videos available. I can say with certainty that the most valuable lesson I have learned from doing repair work is also found in the Hippocratic Oath “Do no harm”. In most (if not all) cases guitar players are inseparably attached to their instruments. Some even go so far as to name them and give them personalities. They become close members of the family.

That being said, and because we set out to “do no harm” and only make improvements to the instruments, I always take baseline measurements. This helps to establish a benchmark for any adjustments made and documents incremental changes/improvements. It also gives me the ability to put things back as they were if for example lowering the action or reducing relief in a neck is not comfortable for the player. Each repair brought to me gets an initial inspection with a document of its current condition and an estimated quote. The sheets below are examples of what our clients receive before we do any work and after the work is completed.

Estimate Example

If you are in the Davidson or Williamson County area and in need of repair, installation or set up work, please email me at and we can talk about your guitar.